Monday, November 29, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love Birthdays!

Well Friday was my friends birthday.
She is the big 2-4 now!
So after work pretty much EVERYONE from work went to Bj's to help celebrate her birthday.
It was sooo much fun. maybe too much fun.
Happy Birthday Sam.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

well hello there

yes yes i know i havent blogged in a while.
life has been stupid crazy.
i am either at school/ working/ doing homework/ or trying to catch up on my sleep.
so here is a nice little recap on my life thus far...

i decided this term to drive myself crazy and take 18.5 units.  I could not put into words how fried my brain is by the end of the week.
But its not like i get a weekend to relax and rejuventate. HA no no. i work around 20 hours on the weekend.
life is crazy. but when i do get time off i take FULL advantage of it.
Last weekend my best friend's sister, Anna, got married and i was invited to the wedding.
Everything was so beautiful and full of love.
 then this past weekend i was invited to go to San Fran to see Big Boi in concert.
(i had no clue who Big Boi was until i googled him. ha He was one of the two members from Outkast)
the concert was so much fun. We were like 10-15 feet away from him the whole concert and suprisingly i knew some of the songs he was singing.
well folks. thats all i got for now.
have a happy sunday.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

my candy of choice

So every year my family goes to a beach house for a week and because its so called "vacation" my parents feel to need to buy tons and tons of junk food for the house.  So this year i realllly wanted Airheads for my candy of choice.  Lucky me, my family was not the only family to bring Airheads; so i was able to hide mine all week.  And of course there was alot left to take home.  Well four days later i went to Greece and decided it would be a brilliant idea to bring them with me for snacks. To bring this short story to an end, everytime my friends buy or see Airheads they think of me.... and i LOVE it!!
Thanks Heather and MOrgan for the fabulous pictures!<3

Friday, August 27, 2010

you know..

you know that school has started when...
im excited to write stuff in my new agenda.
on a friday night i am home and working on homework.
the highlight of my night is baking a cake.
all i want to do is make TO-DO lists
all the people i am texting are all at home doing nothing. and not willing to do anything about it.
thinking about going to bed at 11.
ha i am offically in school again. yupp.

(my master piece)

Monday, August 23, 2010


life. oh life.
it is a funny little thing.
Lately life has been throwing me some crazy curve balls.
i don't know why but its been an adventure.
i have been learning so much about myself lately and i have been appreciating alot of little things.
I am so happy to be raised by two amazing people that support me in all my decisions in life.
I am blessed to have amazing friends that have so many words of wisdom for me and that actually get me as a person.
I am so happy that i am able to have such a blessed life. i am truly lucky.
well if you know me well enough you know i HATE post without pictures.. so here are some pictures!!


Thursday, August 5, 2010

little adventures..

Just for fun my friend Dana and I decided to take a mini trip to Tahoe.
We went to Kings Beach. Ate way too much food. Got a wee bit too much sun.
Ventured in many stores. Ate some more food.  Stopped by Truckee. And made some sweet videos.

Ashleys 21st Birthday!

Well its offical.
Ashley is now 21!!
So to celebrate this amazing event she got a limo and we went downtown to Mikunis for dinner.
It was so so much fun..

the pictures start getting ridiculous and blurring so ill stop posting.
great night
<3 <3 <3

Friday, July 30, 2010

Toby Keith concert

So i went to another concert.
It was a country concert- toby keith.
The funny part is is that I am not a big country music fan.
(not saying i dont like it cause i do. I just dont know very many songs)
So i get a good little kick out of the fact that i have only been to two concerts in my life and BOTH are country concerts.

my bestestesttt

well this post is a tad bit late.. ha story of my life.
i just wanted to wish be bestie happy 19th birthday.
she is probably one of the most beautiful people i have ever met.
i am constantly laughing when i am with her.
i couldnt ask for a better best friend.

already count down the days for the beach again..

Life has been non stop lately.
I have finally found the time to sit down and blog about my latest adventures.
Sooo here we go.
I dont want to explain all my days at the beach so here are some pictures of the fun things we did while we were there.

i cant wait for next year.