Saturday, March 13, 2010

a little story about a skirt.

Since its mommys birthday weekend i told her i would go shopping with her and help her find some cute clothes/and a bathing suit for this season. Well of course we found a really cute bathing suit for her=]  As we were walking through the store i spotted the really really cute skirt and i was like "oh my lord... i HAVE to try that on."  well i did. andddddd of course i fell in LOVE.  Its  everything i ever wanted and more in a skirt( i know its just a skirt but look at it. How could you not think its amazing?)  Sadly i had to walk away from it since it was sixty eight bucks=[ but i felt a lovely need to stalk it online when i got home( hoping i could wait till it went on sale and buy it then).  well go figure i couldnt find it online. im crushed. stupid macys.  they have a horrible website. So now i am sad/skirtless/ and still broke as a joke.  Go me.  But on a lighter note i had a great day with my mom and now im gonnna go get my hair done=]  Happy saturday.

(ps dont judge the pic. its my only proof of this
  beautiful piece of work.)

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