Tuesday, March 9, 2010

survey( all because of Haley)

Last thing you ate:

bacon and eggs. breakfast of champions.

Last thing you said:
"no" talking to haley about the Buried Life.

Last thing you bought:
some birthday presents for my mommy.

Favorite place to buy shoes:
i would say any place that i can find a sweet bargain

Biggest Fear:
well i would say heights. yupp.

Favorite dressing:
oh baby its all about the ceasar vinigarette.

Something that bothers you:
when you are talking about going somewhere and you say the wrong direction.
Ex: you are in LA and you say "i think i want to go down to Tahoe this weekend."
grrrr its just so wrong.

Favorite cereal:
captain crunch all the wayyyy.

Bad Habit:
i am always popping some type of joint in my body.
nasty? yes.
can i help it? no; thats why its called a habit.

Favorite Place:
La Selva Beach.

Favorite beverage:
i should say water but nahhh.
its all about italian sodas

If you could change something what would it be:
i would want everyone to see the world in a more positive light.
cause it truly is a beautifyl place.

be invisible or fly:

Something that makes you laugh:
will ferrell.
silly reality shows (vh1)

there you go haley. i hope your happy=]

1 comment:

  1. LA SELVA!!! You should try Captn' Crunch only berries they are hella good