Thursday, April 29, 2010

hello horrible.

my week has consisted of:
8 total classes.
2 days of training at my new job.
2 tests at work about everything that happens there.
2 presentations in sign language.
 7 minute presentation on sweatshops.
6 page paper on how freedom was expressed in the 1920's, great depression, and new deal.
my head my just fall off.
all i have been doing for the past 6 hours is looking at this... contempting so many things.

i just am wondering why?
why do i procrastinate so sooo much... its never helpful.
even right now!!
i am deciding to write this post instead of finishing my darn paper... ughhhh WHY!!!!!

i cant wait till i am finished cause then i can focus all my attention to what is really important.
the day i was born!! its so close!
ohhh buddy.
ok ok im done. good bye.

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