Monday, April 19, 2010


Life has been a big whorl wind if craziness.

Since I officially have less than a month left till school is done the finals, presentations, and papers are all starting to stack up and I of course am procrastinating on all of them(aka why I am writing this post instead of my homework)
But other than school life has been greeatt.
I love having my best friend Haley a couple doors down again. I missed doing stuff
with her; laying out, cooking for her, eating pickles, snuggling, just doing nothing, watching ridiculous videos, stalking…. Pretty much I am complete now.
I got to go down to Davis this past weekend and spend time with Andrew and his friends and family; such a random fun day ( but sadly I didn’t get to see my cous while I was there… sorry jess!! I owe you a complete jess day visit- of course that include Ross)
Oh I had a job interview today… don’t know how I did but my fingers are crossed.
I can’t really think of anything else
Ughhh I guess that means I got to get on homework… I shall write again soon

Btw Haley please be proud-no pictures in this post!!

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