Sunday, May 9, 2010

hello may..

so i know i have been a bit slow on writing on here.. i have just been a busy busy girl.
last weekend was my birthday!
i got  to go to lunch with my favorite girl and my mommy..
.. and later that night i went to dinner with my friends Alicia and Ash.
they gave me some pretty awesome presents;)
but i was sooo much fun spending my birthday with them.

On saturday, Alicia and I went to one of the best places on earth, Pacifica.
This place brings peace over me. i truely come spend all my time there.

but when we went it was retarded windy.

But overall, i had an amazing birthday.
i got to spend it with the people i love and thats what made is special.
ohhh.. and of course.
got less than a year now till i am 21!!! yay!!

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