Sunday, June 6, 2010


Typically my family is all about camping at this lovely little place called Clementine; however, this year we couldn't get any camp spots.
So we decided to go to Yosemite instead... darn.
The first day we got there we went a fun hike called Hech Hechey Reservoir.

We walked around the dam to go see a beautiful waterfall...

..and ran into a couple smaller ones along the way..

It was a crazy fun hike for the first day.
The next day Hobo and dad broke off from mom and i and went and hiked Yosemite falls .
Hobo isn't a morning person as you can tell(this picture cracks me up every time)

Mom and i decided that we wanted to go to the bottom of Yosemite Falls.
So we hopped on the bus and did some great site seeing.
My mom gave me a mission for this trip- take sick pictures of her favorite tree which was blooming like crazy everywhere. (ohh it was a Dogwood)

but we got to the bottom of the falls- it was beautiful but extremely wet.


We walked a little farther and then realized that there was an even better view farther back

All around there was so many beautiful things.


After that little walk Mom and i went to go see Mirror Lake.
Pretty much the perfect name for the lake.

While on the path we found this crazy place were people balanced rocks on top of each other.
there was soooo many.


The third day hobo and dad did this insane hike that took most of the day but they had sooo much fun.


Mom and i went on Vernal Falls hike that day- yeah definitely didn't expect that much up hill walking but it was totally worth the view in the end.

So after that we did a little drive up to Glacier Point to go meet up with Hobo and Dad.
Had some amazing view from up there.



They were so happy to meet up with us..

Overall... amazing trip and i LOVE and ADORE my family.
They are my everything.

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