Sunday, September 26, 2010

well hello there

yes yes i know i havent blogged in a while.
life has been stupid crazy.
i am either at school/ working/ doing homework/ or trying to catch up on my sleep.
so here is a nice little recap on my life thus far...

i decided this term to drive myself crazy and take 18.5 units.  I could not put into words how fried my brain is by the end of the week.
But its not like i get a weekend to relax and rejuventate. HA no no. i work around 20 hours on the weekend.
life is crazy. but when i do get time off i take FULL advantage of it.
Last weekend my best friend's sister, Anna, got married and i was invited to the wedding.
Everything was so beautiful and full of love.
 then this past weekend i was invited to go to San Fran to see Big Boi in concert.
(i had no clue who Big Boi was until i googled him. ha He was one of the two members from Outkast)
the concert was so much fun. We were like 10-15 feet away from him the whole concert and suprisingly i knew some of the songs he was singing.
well folks. thats all i got for now.
have a happy sunday.